Kim De Ruysscher



Born in 1973 in Wilrijk, Belgium.

He lives and works in Varese, Italy.


Sculpting with genius the material in general and marble in particular, Kim De Ruysscher works in an assertive neo-classicism.

Toilet paper, piece of polystyrene, inflatable canoe, football ball or bow tie, all everyday objects are represented.

Surpassing hyper-realism by the quality of his sculpture, the Belgian artist shows something other than the object itself.

He wants to change the perception of the representation of reality, using effects of matter and weight. Thus, the trouble arises, because what we see is only a reality approaching memories reminiscent of our civilization.

In contrast to Pop Art, it is no longer a question of observing and criticizing the excesses of consumer society, but of having fun.

In this work of sculpture, there is the art of sublimating the banal in order to express the durability of the object and its part of inherent religiosity.


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