Secuencia 2.0

6 December 2020 - 23 January 2021
Galerie Younique 65 rue Pascal 75013 Paris
This exhibition pays tribute to the modern Peruvian photographers who created the Secuencia Group in 1976. We feel a duty to promote contemporary Peruvian photography that echoes this 1970's group; and we present to you those we believe are the new representatives of ?the new Secuencia?. These young people have been developing for more than 10 years in the field of photography; and through their images, show us their vision of a real landscape or a new way of seeing the Peruvian landscape. Nostalgic photos of the pre-Inca ruins of Majo GUERRERO, the diluted aerial views of Evelyn MERINO-REYNA, passing by the striking visions of the urban life of Samuel CHAMBI and Edi HIROSE and ending with the pristine and bucolic landscapes of Jorge Luis DIÉGUEZ.


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