Galerie Younique Paris

Galerie Younique was created in 2005 in Paris by Mathias Bloch.

In Younique neologism, there is the fusion of “you”, the individual, and of “unique”, the uniqueness of art as the very essence of all artistic creation. It is the combination of these two concepts that generates the unique relationship to art that the gallery puts forward; representing strong art works of the young international creation and well known artists, questioning the perception of reality.

Specializing in contemporary art (painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video), Younique creates the bridge between France and Latin America: promoting french art abroad and representing latin american art in Europe.

In 2014 the idea of opening an office-gallery in Lima (Peru) arose and became a reality in 2020. Also these last years, the gallery has multiplied projects in Mexico.

Since 2013, Galerie Younique is a member of the Professional Committee of French Art Galleries.

Galerie Younique
Galerie Younique Lima
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Galerie Younique — Paris
65 rue Pascal 75013 Paris
+33 6 26 76 36 33

Galerie Younique — Lima
calle Tampumachay 15038 Lima
+51 940 187 185


The gallery is open during the exhibitions
form thursday to saturday from 4 to 8 pm
and by appointment


Mathias Bloch


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