PINTA Miami Art Fair 2022

PINTA Miami Art Fair 2022

30 November - 4 December 2022
The Hangar in Coconut Grove Miami FL 33133


The series "Contacto" started in 2021 as a logical continuation to the series called "Contaminación" of 2020. "Contaminación" is the first outline and reaction to the moment of isolation and loneliness experienced in pandemic.


The artist relates through abstraction and color the social condition of the individual in pandemic and his different "layers" used. Given the degree of anxiety created, the desire to relate and the fear of becoming contaminated, the individual employs physical, subjective and psychological layers that symbolize a mental displacement in the face of the impossibility of free spatial development of the person. This psychological treatment fades and abstraction comes with an affirmed colorimetry of natural tones: red, terracotta, violet and blue, reminiscent of the Peruvian coastal landscape or that search for physical and mental freedom longed for.


"The representation of abstraction as a form of figuration of the contact between two persons, also narrates the occupied space or the architecture that separates us and/or brings us together. Forms and lines that cross or invade the geometries try to talk about the risks in contact through an abstraction of vital forms," says the artist. Architecture is a strong family influence on the artist's work. Barclay's painting is the work of space, the proportions inside the canvas, the paths and the interior-exterior without neglecting human contact.


"Contacto" is one of the most personal series seen. The artist not only reflects the anguish experienced as a response to an uncertain future, but we see his analysis, reaction and confrontation thanks to the freedom of stroke and color he achieves.


Galerie Younique

November 2022


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