10 April - 12 May 2024
Centro Cultural PUCP, Lima

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, through its Cultural Center, the BBVA Foundation and the Jorge Eielson Studi Center, Florence, present the exhibition Open Song: Tribute to Jorge Eduardo Eielson, curated by Mariana Rodríguez and Carlos Castro. This production is part of the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the Peruvian artist Jorge Eduardo Eielson, entitled Eielson 100.

"Canto abierto" is a collective exhibition that brings together 11 Peruvian artists from different generations whose works dialogue with the artistic legacy of Jorge Eduardo Eielson. For this, Eielson's works will be exhibited based on 4 representative axes of his artistic production: the appropriation of the art of ancient Peru, the landscape of the Peruvian coast, the fabric of materials and the stellar space.

From this, the different artists will reveal particular and original ways of treating these axes also belonging to the work eielsoniana through photography, painting, video art, sculpture and installation. They are Nereida Apaza, Luz María Bedoya, María José Guerrero, Billy Hare, Rafael Hastings, Alejandra Ortiz de Zevallos, Carlos Runcie Tanaka, Paola Torres, Esther Vainstein, Silvia Westphalen and Ricardo Wiesse.


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