Capture d'écran

7 February - 20 March 2021
Galerie Younique 65 rue Pascal 75013 Paris

In the era of Big Data, augmented reality and more powerful technologies in the profusion of images, some contemporary artists use the Internet as a source of creation. Perhaps our way of apprehending and capturing the world has been transformed by the prism of digital ? We present three artists who are interested in screen capture from different angles.

Hélène Bellenger, photographer, is interested in web images, both in their pictorial and colorimetric dimensions. She works here with a brutal realism, representing the screen as it is confronted with our tact and our daily functional use. Touching and manipulating the screen with our hands is the first reflex of our interactions
subject to and dependent on display devices.

Caroline Ebin, a visual artist, always presents images found on the Web that she revisits. It responds to a reinterpretation of the action of the screens: the image jumps, the blockages, the flows, the pixelation of the images through repetition on common and societal topical themes.

Marius Pons de Vincent, painter, submerges us in the unreal, virtual, almost surreal world of computer windows. It also deals with the blocking and window cascades of Windows 95 software, which could be seen as a vision of our contemporaneity. The window embodies in psychology the symbol of an opening towards the outside; and in computer science, a working tool. It is therefore a more intimate vision of the screen with colorful and abstract dreams.

Three different visions that invite us to look at what we keep in our screenshots, to currently define what we will look for tomorrow.
Marisa Sanabria - February 2021


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