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9 September - 7 October 2022
Galerie Younique 65 rue Pascal 75013 Paris


In 1489, symbols + and - appeared for the first time in the German work of Johannes Widmann.
These symbols had a connotation of surplus or lack. More than 500 years later, we are constantly confronted with this symbolism that is much more “meaningful” and redundant than in the past.

Built around an assemblage/collage of installations and paintings of figures, values and dynamic diagrams as well as sculptural objects such as the «tombstones», Caroline Ebin offers a plastic, offbeat and humorous vision of the financial world. Here, contemporary finance unfolds a universal discourse with abstract and geometric forms, almost totemic. Ironically, it questions this religiosity of financial supremacy and cynical capitalism; and allows us to decipher its madness, the outbidding and the absence of a critical mind; facing a world that demands more and more!

Galerie Younique
September 2022



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