14 January - 17 February 2024
Galerie Younique, Paris


Move away from immobility, rush into their unlimited forms, let themselves be dragged into their complex shreds, sink into their blue rumor. This is the way to reveal the ferocious gestures that inhabit the huaicos of Majo Guerrero Fonseca.

These cyanotypes bear the traces of a free movement, that of the chemicals poured on paper, which emerge before the eye as an implacable influx that makes photographic immobility a doubtful hypothesis. This is the violent paradox that the artist discovers when she understands the image as a huaico, a torrent that is in turn a desert of debris, and that she converts it into this moment when the avoided detachment between expression and thought is displaced. Revealing this moment when the unknown transits is the primordial possibility of the creative act.

Before the huaicos of Majo Guerrero Fonseca, we are not gathered by chance but by the vehemence of gestures. The one we find in the most open embrace since what we love the most, merge with the darkest of a dream.

Carlos Castro-Sajami


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